What we do

We play a strategic role in helping companies grow by providing qualified professionals to represent them to their customer base.

What we do:

We play a strategic role in helping companies grow, by providing qualified professionals to help them acquire new customers and maintain relationships with existing ones.

We do this by providing a specialized recruitment and sales training process, tailored to each clients’ individual and specific need. This specialized process enables us to guarantee that each representative has been properly trained to represent the client, and will experience success in their new role. Our specialization is with face to face customer interactions in a variety of settings such as business to business, Business to Consumer and Retail/Kiosk, as these are tried and true methods of marketing.

About Us:

While traditional sales channels, such as call centers, success rates continue to decline companies face increasing pressure to remain competitive in todays’ market. At the Bayat Group we have a proven track record of success and we are excited to continue growing on a National level. 


Team Spirit
  • Work together as one team
  • Foster team family comradarie
  • Help eachother grow personally and professionally


  • Take initiative to improve our day to day work / life
  • We are not afraid of failure
  • We seek to learn and grow everyday
  • Willingness to take chance and believe in working hard today to build a better tomorrow


  • Self motivated
  • Looking for a chance to grow both in your career and life
  • Believes in big dreams and big ideas
  • Working through obstacles and has a never quit attitude


  • Take responsibility for our actions
  • Don’t blame others
  • Understand team is only as strong as our weakest link


Delivering Excellence
  • Strive to deliver excellence in everything we do
  • Professional does their best even when they don’t want too
  • We believe in giving our all in not just the big but also the small things. Everything matters
  • Always willing to go the extra mile



Leadership principles:

Lead by Example
  • We don’t ask anyone to do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves
  • With strong coaching and mentorship we believe everyone can better themselves on a daily basis


  • Doing the right thing even if its not the easiest
  • We believe people should be rewarded based on the value they contribute to the company
  • We uphold merit based advancement not seniority
  • We establish decisions based upon values of the company rather than personal ego


  • Understanding the strengths and limitations of your team
  • Treat others how you wish to be treated
  • Know how to reach out and connect directly to people’s hearts
  • Appreciate and value people



Meet the management team

We are a team of creative professionals working together, with you, to turn your ideas into an adventure. We start by figuring out the best way to bring your ideas to life in the most creative, logical way possible.

alex01Alex Bayat

Alex Bayat started his direct sales career in his early twenties in Vancouver, BC. He opened his first office in Toronto, Ontario and in the past six years has worked with several major Fortune 500 companies in the telecommunication and merchant processing industries. Having a vast range of experience in the Canadian market place and being mentored and coached by some of the industries top performers, Alex brings a depth of knowledge and direction to our organization as well as a high level of passion and energy to help us achieve our goals.


Affiliate Owner

Hesam Hamoni

Affiliate Owner
Hesam started in the field in the early 2000’s quickly developing a passion for building and coaching sales teams. From starting at the entry level of the business he climbed the ranks into operations management, and now headlines the Ottawa location. Hesam continues to drive the day to day operations in Ottawa as well as help to expand the overall organization by developing and mentoring the next generation.