Step #1. Entry Level

Shadowing – A hands on approach to learning new techniques and work strategies. It’s the fastest approach for a new representative to understand our business and client expectations.

Practice pitching – An ongoing practice to help ensure representatives are trained on objection handling and other common real life scenarios.

Campaign knowledge – Product knowledge will help the representative understand our clients, products and brands.

Time management – One of the most important traits in any business leader is their ability to manage their time. Through effective time management a representative can increase their daily productivity.

Step #2. Team Leader

Leaders meetings  Strategize with upper management and help implement tools to enhance office performance.

Help with hiring processes – Take interviews for a day of shadowing, go over requirements, show atmosphere and explain business structure.

Training – Provide training on all required tasks and responsibilities with new team members.

Team meetings – Communicate team goals, deadlines and identify areas of improvement.

Step #3. Assistant Manager

Assist HR team  Learn current human resource practices and aid with responsibilities.

Coordinate office operations  Work with management and help run daily office operations accordingly.

Presentations  Regularly conduct business presentations and speeches to help enhance office performance.

Supervisor  Undertake management responsibilities when management has left the office and ensure operations are running properly.  

Step #4. Office Manager

Develop superior workforce  Work closely with the human resource management team to ensure the development of a superior working team.

Day-to-day operations  Run day-to-day operations from A to Z, ensure all procedures and daily activities have been completed.

Financial management  Review annual budget plan, analyzing expenditures and variances, forecasts and make corrective measures.

Client relations  Maintain active relationships with clients to ensure accurate communication and expectations are being met.

Team management  Monitoring, appraisals, coaching, disciplining, enforcing systems, policies, procedures, standards, and maintaining a fun business atmosphere.


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