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One common struggle recent grads are facing today as they enter the workforce is the irony of needing experience to qualify for a job, and needing a job to gain experience. No matter the job or the field, in order to have a fighting chance of even getting an interview opportunity, graduates must be armed with both a strong educational background AND multiple years of relevant experience.

Most of us ask ourselves the same frustrating question as we open our fourth or fifth rejection e-mail of the week – “how would I have 5-6 years’ experience if I just spent 5-6 years earning a degree?” As a result of this seemingly unfair reality, we are faced with a few options. First, we can go back to school and work toward even higher education, be it a master’s degree, associate’s degree, or another form of certification in a specialized field. Or second, we can travel abroad for a couple months or even a couple years avoiding this paradox completely.

Choosing to pursue either of these options can feel like a temporary solution for many stressed out grads trying to piece together their futures. At the Bayat Group, we are excited to hold the key to the third route – an opportunity to break into a rewarding and exciting career without taking on more debt for travels or further schooling, but rather earning an income while simultaneously gaining that sought after experience we need to add to the resume.

At the Bayat Group, we recognize that what you’ve gained through your undergraduate studies IS valuable and relevant experience, and we want to help you build on that by taking you on as part of our team.

Why is the Bayat Group the next step for recent grads?

1. Confidence Building and Skill Set Development
As we mentioned a few times already, experience seems to be the trending key to starting a career after university or college. At the Bayat group we believe that the hype for experience comes from what it adds to a candidate, and that is confidence. Above all else, it is our goal to build our people up by increasing their confidence every single day. We do this by providing one-on-one training to all of our people, not only during the on-boarding process, but also continuously over the course of our partnership with them. It begins with complete direct sales training as an entry-level partner with our company. We have established a training program that not only supports candidates with little to no experience, but also celebrates them. Training at the Bayat Group focuses on teaching our people how to build rapport, reduce cynicism, develop presentation skills, use impulse theories, and finally – become a master of closing sales. The best part? We do this by using a combination of teaching methods including – classroom lessons, impact meetings, and hands-on practice alongside a trained leader who’s been in the business for an extended period of time.

2. Internal Promotions
We pride ourselves on promoting within. We don’t believe in hiring externally for management roles. And that is what makes us so unique. We promote based on performance and accomplishment, NOT based on seniority. At the Bayat Group we lay out a trail of goals for you and arm you with the skills you need to be successful in reaching them. Imagine starting at entry-level with an organization and not only having the opportunity to own your own business within two years or less, but being expected to. This is an entrepreneur mentality, and here at the Bayat group it’s the name of the game. Did we mention our goal is to expand into Europe?

Entry Level  Leader  Assistant Manager  Owner

3. Non-Stop Education
The growth of our company is largely reliant on team development and because of this, the learning never ends with us. We don’t use a typical training model that starts out with heavy training and information overload, then ends with throwing our people into the deep end and waiting for them to sink or swim. We don’t do that here, instead – we provide continuous training, mentoring, and coaching all the time. We love a student mentality at the Bayat group and we see it as one of the biggest assets a candidate can bring.

4. Travel Opportunity while you work
That part about Europe – that was real. Our major goal right now is to expand into the European market in the near future and that means assistant managers can consider opening their first location somewhere in Europe a very real possibility. On a smaller travel excitement scale – we go all over the province to work! Not all the time, so you don’t need to worry about constantly being away from home or away from personal responsibilities too often. But about once a month you will have the opportunity to work in another city for a few days. Who doesn’t love a travel opportunity? Especially when the intention is to earn money, not spend it!

We thought you might like the sounds of that. If you’re excited about this opportunity and you want to be considered for a spot on our team, send us your resume and cover letter and an HR representative will be in contact with you soon!

Applications can be sent to hr@thebayatgroup.ca

We are eager to hear from you!
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